Audio Visual System consultancy, Corporate Events, Event Design, Lighting, Production & Project Management, Venue and Risk Assessments

Lee FordeServices

01Our mission

We go on a journey with our clients we walk alongside our clients every step of the way to achieve the goals of their aspirations. With the strength of our global experience, We provide creative solutions with excellent implementation we always grow and foster engaging lasting client relationships.

We take a project from the strategy phase all the way through to the final evaluation phase. Our clients can be sure of an innovative, inclusive and down-to-earth approach.

Every day our passion is to create tailor-made projects that have the desired measurable impact. We combine our world-class expertise and exceptional local insight to support our clients in every way, wherever they are.

02Our Values

Our values of innovation, daring, commitment, excellence and our result-oriented culture underpin all of our work enabling us to engage, excite and inspire, our events transform the interaction and relationship between clients and their audience.
  • We deliver a live experience to transform the way people think, feel, act and achieve.
  • To do this we develop effective smarter, stronger, and strategic solutions for all audiences, from employees and top managers, to customers and the public.
We create experiences that people delight in, talk about, share and remember.

03How we work